Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Geometric Print Project V5

Carrie's lesson

We started the day creating a simple geometry inspired background in water colour, I encouraged the chidren to use overlapping shapes and go off the edges of the paper.

I talked about the print process and how they could design a block that is able to rotate and still connect with the previous print. Most of them achieved really effective print designs that worked well over their painting.

We had one table set up for inking up the poly block prints and the
children went back to their workspace to print

Fibonacci V4

 Gretchen's lesson

9 and 10 year olds.

The Fibonacci sequence is an interesting area to study. I found an excellent You Tube and showed the children after they had made an observational drawing of the spiral end of a shell.

I gave them some graph paper and they drew the first few squares as they saw it on the You Tube clip, until they ran out of room.

They also attempted the spiral. Harder than it looks.

They attempted to make the Fibonacci squares on an A3 page until there were 7 or 8 squares. One for each letter of their name. This was a real challenge as the smallest square doesn't begin in the middle of the page. We went through a lot of newsprint practice paper. I ended up giving some of them a loose template to trace over. I asked the children what I could have done differently if we had the day again. They said to give out the templates at the beginning. But I feel there would have been a lot of learning that would have been missed.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Koru Exploration K7

Gretchen's Lesson

5 year olds

I took a similar lesson to the one I did last week.


The children worked consistently well and achieved all the little art tasks I asked them to do. I have displayed the work in the corridor.
They did a particularly good job of their initial observational drawing which is included in their displayed work.


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