Monday, 4 April 2016

Little Red Riding Hood K5

Gretchen's lesson
5 and 6 year olds

The children made an observational drawing of a gum leaf. They gathered leaves from outside and drew their different shapes.

They heard the story of "Little Red Riding Hood".
We discussed the makeup of a forest, talking about it's density and colour. Using their exploration of leaf shapes, they filled a page with trees that had a variety of different leaf shapes.  They used black wax crayons. Some of the children put trees in behind other trees, very skilfully.

They used wax crayons and watercolour paint at their discretion, to add colour to their forests. They observed a variety of trees out in the playground, becoming more aware of the vast colour range. They mixed new greens, using the mediums they chose.

Little Red Riding Hood was made on a separate piece of card, as was the wolf. Some of the children grasped the idea that the wolf was probably quite sneaky and may appear from behind a tree.  Hence, some of the wolves are coming out from behind trees.


  1. Lovely artwork, K5!!! Love those sneaky wolves.

  2. Wow K5! The art you have created is awesome. You should be very proud of what you created.



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