Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Etched Gardens M10

 Gretchen's lesson
8 year olds

When I told the children the art involved a scratching technique, they were so motivated. They had experienced a form of etching previously and could visualise the outcome.

They made an observational drawing of a butterfly or lizard or dragonfly.  But we couldn't mill about because the next step had to have time to dry before carrying on.

They drew a frame on their A3 page. They worked out why a frame was a good idea.
"The black paint wont go onto the table."
"Art looks good with a frame."
"There wont be so much page to colour."
All reasonable ideas.

They covered a page with starbursts using oil pastels. A good coverage was vital.

They painted over the oil pastel with thick, black acrylic paint.
While that was drying, they made a black line drawing of their creature. I gave them markers of two different thicknesses and pens.They cut out the creature. Then stuck their creature onto a coloured page and cut around it a little further out.

They scratched their garden into the black paint using kebab sticks. I encouraged scratching out a combination of lines and large areas, rather than just lines.

They cut away an area in the centre and stuck a coloured page behind the new hole. Their creature was stuck onto this.


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    1. Thank you. The children were engrossed in this project.



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