Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Collaboration and Alphabet Art with V4

Carrie's lesson

I started the day with a project where the children put their own personality into a square, which made up a larger image that they had not yet seen (a fair amount of preparation involved beforehand) Knowing their work would be part of something much bigger, I thought they put a lot of effort and creativity into each square and responded well to the freedom to choose their medium.

As their inquiry was about working together and collaboration this term, I asked them to get into small groups of 4-6 and come up with a name for the group which would be used as the basis of their artwork. They had to work together, talking about how they would divide the image up and how they wanted it to look. Most groups worked well and achieved great results

 After reading 'The Z was Zapped' by Chris Van Allsburg which is a quirky take on the alphabet, each student was given a letter and had to come up with an idea about what their letter was doing using aliteration. They really enjoyed this project and were very keen to see what others had thought of.


  1. I love this collaborative mural - hope we get to see it on the classroom wall at the evidence of learning day next week

  2. Thanks Kate, It would be great to see it on display as the children worked so hard to put their personality into each piece!



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