Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Where the Wild Things Are M12

Carrie's lesson

 After reading 'Where the wild things are' by Maurice Sendak, we talked about the features of a 'wild thing' ...fangs, scary eyes, horns, spikey bodies, were a few of the features mentioned. I then talked about the process of scraffito. They drew a ruler width border and filled in the middle with bright, bold, light colours, making sure all the white paper was covered. Many started filling the borders with patterns to allow others to finish the first stage. The oil pastel was then covered in black acrylic and given time to dry before the next stage.

The children had to make up their own 'wild thing' characters, and create a forest or jungle setting. They loved the process of scraping back to reveal the colour and they did a fantastic job with their characters. They finished off with colourful patterned borders to frame their work. Great work M12!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sunflowers R8

Gretchen's Lesson
6 year olds

We looked at sunflowers today. There are many in flower all around at the moment. We had sunflower photos and sunflower famous art to look at.

The children made an observational drawing of the sunflower. They made another larger in black crayon. 
They made a collage sunflower which they painted. 

While the collage sunflower was drying in the sun, the children made a small oil pastel sunflower on a little square piece of paper.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Clay Creatures and Collaboration in V6

Carrie's lesson

I started the day reading 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon, which connected nicely with this terms inquiry. The children then had to make their own creature from air-dry clay and found natural objects. They went on to drawing their creatures and had to create an environment for them.

After morning break I did a repeat of yesterdays colaboration project. Each child put their personality into one section of a larger image that they hadn't seen. The children were very excited by this and had just as much enjoyment putting it all together as they had creating them ( Like a jigsaw puzzle without the final image!)

The final task for the day was to make jigsaws.
Most took these home to finish in their own time

Flower Gardens R7

Gretchen's Lesson
6 year olds

Today I took the same lesson as yesterday. I scaffolded a little more as the children a about a year younger.

Butterfly drawings

Etching with kebab sticks

Gluing a backing on the butterfly

Creating the pond and attaching the butterfly


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