Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Rousseau Jungles M10

Gretchen's lesson
7 year olds.

The children began by  gathering up a few dried leaves from outside. I asked them to draw a variety of shapes from what they had found.

I showed them some jungle art by Rousseau. I asked them what they saw and what it reminded them of. They offered some great insights. "I've seen trees like that in Australia." "It feels like our back garden," "We've got a tree like that." "The flowers are like lily pad flowers." They then identified as many different leaf shapes in the paintings
as they could. 

I read a little about the artist. They particularly enjoyed the fact that Rousseau had never been in jungle. They worked out why as money to travel and aeroplanes weren't invented.

They drew their jungles with black crayons, using lots of different leaf shapes. They coloured using crayon and water colour paint as they saw fit.

Adding paint.

These little pieces of wood are mini jungles. This was a popular extra for the children who finished their other art early.


  1. Just gorgeous! I didn't know Rousseau had never been to the jungle, either - interesting. My favorite of his is the tiger in the storm (not sure of the official name). Well done!

    1. Thanks Hope, plus they thoroughly enjoyed the day.



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