Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Portraits M11

7 year olds
The children's inquiry is looking at friendships.
Today they set about drawing a portrait of a friend. 

I followed the lesson I took last year.

The positioning of features on a face were discussed and practiced. The children were asked to come up with guide lines for where features are positioned on a face. For example, the top of ears line up with eyes, eyes are one eye width apart, etc. Using the guidelines, they drew a portrait in pencil. Then a portrait was drawn using black wax crayon on black paper. The children had mirrors so they could personalise their portraits. They were encouraged to make these lines dark. The realistic colours were blended using regular black board chalks. The mirrors were helpful here too, to get the colouring right.The portraits were cut out and attached to a background.The background is a relief rubbing in a variety of colours.

Observational drawing warm up.

Making rubbings for the backgrounds


  1. Wonderful portraits! I like the effect on black paper. The texture rubbing backgrounds add a fun element as well.

    1. Thanks Mary. Portraits are always a bit scary. Adults expect to see their child in the portrait. Kids...not so much. They simply love the process.

  2. Very clever M11. Portraits are tricky and these are great! Looks like you're having fun too.

  3. Great work M11. Love the end effect of the dark outline blended with the chalk.



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