Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pattern Repeats. M13

Gretchen's lesson

8 year olds

I probably bit off too much today. The idea was to create a repeating pattern that could be used as a fabric print.

I found a set of clear directions in a book called "Mastering the art of Fabric Printing and Design." by Laurie Wisbrun.

 This is tricky but achievable for many.

Observation of ivy
Creating the stencil

Marker pen outline

Repeating the pattern

The problems we had to overcome today were children being withdrawn for testing when the process was difficult enough to understand. The detail some of the children included in their  work looked amazing, but took forever to create. There were some who couldn't see what the process was trying to achieve while others lapped it up.

Adding two selected colours

If I took this lesson again I would choose a simpler design idea.

I would include more masterpieces but the majority aren't complete yet.



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