Thursday, 31 March 2016

Names M14

Gretchen's lesson

8 year olds
We had a long discussion about colour combinations. I went through some of the more common ones like complimentary (opposite), analogous (side by side), monochromatic (one colour only). The children experimented with combinations they liked. 

I asked them to choose some letters that represent "them", between 6 and 9 of them. I have a name that is 8 letters long, which was perfect for this art exercise. Children with shorter names had to be more creative by adding initials, or nicknames or surnames or numbers, to makeup the shortfall.

 They made an irregular grid on the page to accomodate each of their letters or numbers. They drew their letters in block writing and coloured the piece using oil pastels, in the colour combination of their choice. 

As a little extra, they made a tiny piece using markers and coloured pencils. 

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