Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hundertwasser in Island Bay V6

Carrie's Lesson

We started the day with a 'getting to know your
names' exercise. The children wrote their name in
bubble writing on A4 paper and used Hundertwasser
as inspiration for the colours and patterns, on and around
their name. They used watercolours to paint the designs.

After break they prepared two Hundertwasser inspired
backgrounds in preparation for printing after lunch.
Squares of coloured tissue paper was used for one ground
and the other spiral design was painted with watercolour
using fine brushes

 'What imagery do you think of to represent Island Bay?' was the question posed to inspire their
print designs and many chose Tapu te Ranga (the island) as a starting point. They used recycled polystyrene
printing blocks with black waterbased printing inks. V6 were very happy with what they managed to achieve in
one day, the results speak for themselves! Great work V6

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