Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Eggs K7

Easter eggs, created by trading with friends.

Gretchen's lesson
5 year olds.
It was the first day in the art room for a few of the children today.  

Gluing the drawing to an orange background

Observational drawing the start the day in a calm and focused way. 

I gave the children an egg shaped piece of paper. They drew smaller shapes inside the shape. They filled the ovals with pattern. 
They painted the egg with water colour paint, trying to keep the repeating going.

We folded the egg into quarters and the children cut along the folds. They traded three of the four with their friends, until they had an egg with four different patterns. 

They stuck them down, onto black paper and we tied a ribbon around them.

The second egg creation began by making a green background to represent the garden where the eggs are hidden. 

Then the children made eggs using vivid markers and sticky vinyl. They hid them in the garden ready for Easter Sunday.

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