Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Colin Thompson 'Pictures of Home' with V3

Carrie's lesson

We started the day with a brainstorm on 'what is home?' The answers ranged from love and family through to material possessions such as computers and T.V. I went on to read 'Pictures of Home' by Colin Thompson and looked closely at his Illustrations. After reading another of his books "How to Live Forever" they set about the task of creating their own picture of home, using Thompson as inspiration. The unique and inventive designs created by the children blew me away, and I felt the freedom and lack of structure to this task allowed this creativity to flow.

Next I revisited a project I did with Yr3 earlier in the week where the students created their own character from air dry clay, found natural objects and a bottletop/cardboard tube after reading 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon. The children drew their characters once they had finished modelling the clay and started thinking about the environment in which they would live. This was painted with water colours. Once again the class came up with some really inventive ideas and were able to explore further ideas within their inquiry for this term.

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