Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Our Place with Hundertwasser M14

 Carrie's lesson

The children were starting to look into belonging, 'our place in the world' for their inquiry this term, so the artist Hundertwasser was great starting point. He came to think of New Zealand as home and spent many years here after leaving his homeland Austria. After looking at his paintings and architecture, the students prepared four Hundertwasser inspired backgrounds using colour pencils and watercolour paints. They were careful to make the colours bold and bright and used simple patterns and shapes. After lunch they drew designs onto recycled polystyrene blocks ready for printing.

The printed designs were based on 'What imagery
do you think of for Island Bay?' For some it was the
sealife, buildings, Tapu te Ranga or surrounding hills. 

The children were mostly happy with their creations and I think they will look great on the walls of M14
A very diverse and creative series of artworks that reflect the time and effort put in!

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