Thursday, 25 February 2016

"Oh the Places You'll Go." By Dr Seuss M12

7 year olds.
'Oh the Places You'll go' was a familiar story for many of the children today. 
After reading the story, we looked more closely at Dr Seuss's drawing and the colours he used. The colour palette is limited and as one boy observed, they are the primary and secondary colours. With the exception that pink replaced red. Clever observation.

When I asked the children about the colours, they said they didn't have other colours on top or mixed in. Therefore they were plain, simple colours. No blending.

Drawing using draft sketches as a guide.
They drew ideas of what and where they would "go" if they had the freedom. They used ink and sticks to draw scenes as Dr Seuss had done, observing the types of things he drew e.g. the crazy trees.
They added plain, strong colour to their drawings, limiting their palette to no more that 6 colours.

Adding the strong colours

Observational warm up drawing.
A "tired arm" break was needed during the colouring.

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