Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Complimentary Coloured Bird Cages M12

Gretchen's lesson.

7 year olds
The children are inquiring into friendships in their class. I took a slant on this by looking at pets and how they offer a different sort of friendship. Similar behaviour applies. Pets need your kindness and care. The children were very positive and seemed to understand the link.

 The children drew three different birdcages using black wax crayons.The plan was to paint them with complimentary colours. In order to understand what complimentary colours are, the children made a colour wheel, mixing their own secondary colours from the primary colours. They could then identify the colour that was opposite on their wheel, easily.

They coloured the shapes they had made in their birdcage drawings, with their chosen complimentary colours.

They made little birds to go into their birdcages. They drew them with kebab sticks and Indian ink on cardboard. Once they were dry, they coloured their birds with coloured pencils. They cut them out and stuck them onto their birdcages.

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