Monday, 22 February 2016

Complimentary Colour Wheels. M10

 Gretchen's lesson

7 year olds

We spent the day working with the primary and secondary colours on the colour wheel. We also used the complimentary colours.

 The children made their own wheel by tracing around the base of the rubbish bins to make the circle. They put a dot where they thought the centre of the circle was.
They drew a line from one side to the other, through the dot.
They put 2 more lines through the centre, creating 6 segments.

They wrote red, yellow and blue next to segments that didn't touch one another. They painted them accordingly. They mixed 2 colours, say red and yellow. They painted the resulting colour, orange, in the segment that was between red and yellow. And so on.

They graduated two colours along the bottom of the page.

They drew up a new colour wheel.
They made a little cardboard stencil which they traced around in each segment.
They painted them the right colours according to their colour wheel.
They put the complimentary colour around each little stencil drawing.

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