Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Class totem 'Pou Whenua' V5

First art day of the year for me (Carrie)
so I decided to start with a project involving
the childrens names that also tied in with their inquiry

After researching Totem poles I discovered Aotearoa
has something similar called Pou Whenua (landpost)
which as it's name suggests is about people and
connections to the land.

The project started  with 4-6 letters of their name
being written down the folded halfway point on
their paper. This was reflected  to create a starting
 point for their design.

The students were given complete freedom to
exaggerate and embelish their designs and had
to consider how complementary colours would
enhance their work.

Carries lesson.
The designs have been planned and painting begun

We talked about complementary colours and how this could be used in their design

Many of the paintings still need work to be finished but even at this stage
the diversity and attention to detail make an impressive
class totem / Pou Whenua. Come and see them all in V5's class soon!

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