Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Little Tin Soldier K5

5 year olds.
The children listened to the story, 'The little Tin Soldier'. We had a discussion about what the soldier and the ballerina wore. I asked them to choose which character they wanted to make, then to try to make the feet touch the bottom of the page and the top at the top. It encouraged larger drawings. They used black pen and coloured them with water colour paint. They had very little brushes which they handled very ably.

These children are little and art is done quite quickly, so a Christmas art activity was in order, now that we are in the month of December.
I spotted this activity here, via Pinterest.
Christmas trees made out of thin strips of magazine pages that are predominantly green. The children started from the bottom of the tree and built it carefully to try to get close to the top of the page before running out of width.

Making lanterns to take home.



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