Saturday, 21 November 2015

Flower Gardens K7

The days art, collected and presented.

White on black

Ink and sticks
 5 year olds.

The day was very windy and the rain arrived later in the day.
On windy days, and Wellington has a lot of them, the children go a bit crazy. I don't know why.

Knowing this when I arrived at school, I was prepared for a crazy day. But I was presently surprised. The children were very focussed. They responded to motivation and all added to a lovely atmosphere in the art room.

We couldn't go outside to draw the flowers because the kids wouldn't have been able to control the paper.

I provided zoomed in photos of flowers for the kids to observe. They used their observations to make drawings on black paper with white crayons and white paper with black crayons.

I gave them a round window to draw their flower garden in with Indian Ink applied with kebab sticks.

They added colour using coloured pencils, often creating their own colours by layering the colours.

 The coloured sticky vinyl was fun addition to the day.

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