Thursday, 29 October 2015

Print Prep Day V6

Collagraph being made.
9 and 10 year olds.
Day One.

The class have two art days in quick succession so I have designed lessons to use the double time.
The children chose an image from the photos of animals I provided, or used an image they had. They made an observational drawing of this and then made a collagraph (cardboard relief). This was followed by a line drawing of their subject, in PVA. This needs time to dry.
The final printing style was to make a cutting into the new heavy foam boards, which are an easier form of lino to cut.

They also needed to prepare the background for their prints, so they had to cover a large piece of paper with a heavy layer of wax crayon, then paint it black. This is to make a scraffito image.

Day one complete. Printmaking with ink will be the big focus next art day. Along with a display lesson.
Preparing the scraffito background.
Carving being made.

Drawing the image prior to applying PVA

Completed cardboard and PVA boards.

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