Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Crow K2

 5 year olds.

Several of the children had their first day in the art room today.

I read them a story "Crow" by Leo Timmers, about a crow who didn't want to be scary to other colourful little birds. He tries to paint himself to be like them.

The birds have large eyes. I gave the children half of a polystyrene ball to stick on their cardboard. They drew around the eye with black crayon, to create their bird shape. The coloured them with watercolour paint.

A few children said that was too hard, but once they saw how well the other children managed, they all went ahead and did a great job.

They used pipe cleaners for legs and they added a colourful feather too.

They made a little birdhouse for the bird to live in.  They drew the hole (which I cut out with a craft knife).
I asked them to think about what sort of patterns and colours would attract a bird to their house. After a bit of discussion, they went ahead and drew patterns and flowers etc, then coloured them with pastels. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mary, I'm delivering the same lesson today with a class who are about 6 months older. It will be interesting to compare.



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