Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Collage of a Cat on a Mat. K8

 5 year olds.

The children warmed up by making an observational drawing of a baby carrot. They used magnifying glasses to capture details. They viewed each others work, halfway through.

I prepared a piece of heavy coloured paper by putting cuts from one side, almost to the other side, 5 cm apart. I also cut up strips of magazine. They were the wefts.
I asked them to put a number at the top of each strip of coloured card. It made it easier to explain which one they go over and under. They wove the magazine strips through and secured them with a touch of PVA.
I prepared a coloured frame for the children to put around their woven mat.

They cut one or two little stencils which they could draw around, creating a patterned border.

Observational drawing of a carrot
Viewing other's drawings.

Weaving the mat.
 I read some cat stories, "Slobcat" and "Gobbalino the Witches Cat".

Drawing and cutting.
They drew a cat with black crayon. They repeated the cat drawing on black paper, which they cut out with crinkly craft scissors. They put black fur on their cats and a few facial features, using pastels.

Some of the children carried on to make kittens.
Practicing the cat shape.

A practice drawing of the cat and the black cutout cat.

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