Monday, 19 October 2015

Beetroot and Carrot Prints V4

My new drying rack was brilliant. 
The awesome printing press in action.

 9 and 10 year olds
A hectic printing day.
I bought some fresh vegetables in for the children to draw as preliminary sketches for their lino cuts. I wanted to keep the image simple, so their effort could go into the printing process.
I made the mistake of suggesting they zoom in on their carrot and I did a little demo. A lot of them did just that. I also suggested they cut a frame into their image, but that does enhance the image. Next time I would have them suggest how they could make their drawings more interesting and leave it at that. Every days a school day!

They cut out their image, considering large areas that they could cut away to give it impact. They inked their lino and put them in the brand new hydraulic press. yellowxpress-5000
It proved to be an excellent purchase. It was easy for them to use. It is quick and safe. It takes up a very small area which is paramount in my small room. We still fell over one another but I will move the side tables which we used for loading the press, for our next printing day.

 Our next art day will be devoted to presentation. The children reflected on their presentation and felt their work could have been kept cleaner, writing could have been clearer and neater and more consideration given to the positioning of the images.

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