Monday, 14 September 2015

Walking with the family. K5

5 year olds.

The children discussed going for a walk with their families. They offered several senarios...different destinations, family combinations, etc. With their destinations in mind, the children painted the scene where they walked to.
They modelled how their bodies looked when they walked. Where did their arms go? Are knees bent? Do bodies lean forward? With these images in mind, they drew themselves and their walking companions using crayon. They added text that described where they walked and with who. 
They repeated the drawing of the walking party using black pen. They included as much detail as they could. I talked about bodies being more than sticks.
They cut their figures out and stuck them on the scene they had painted.

Painting the scene.

Preliminary drawings of the family walking.
Cutting out the people and pets, walking.

In addition to the art about the family going for a walk, the children made observational drawings of the kowhai flowers that have bloomed in the playground. The used their initial drawings to draw these chalk and pastel pictures on black paper.

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