Friday, 18 September 2015

Trains K2

5 year olds.
The first day in the art room.

The children began by making an observational drawing of a feather. 

Observational drawing of a feather.

My new drying rack being used.

Practising drawing trains

We moved on and  had a discussion about old trains.  We talked about cow catchers, coal wagons, couplings, spokes, sleepers etc.

The children drew a large train using black wax crayons.

Drawing trains with ink and kebab sticks

Before morning tea, I gave the children kebab sticks and little tubs of black ink. They drew only the railway tracks, sleepers and stones that lie in between. 
Once this was dry (after morning tea) they used black pens to put the train on the tracks.
They coloured the trains with coloured pencils. I encouraged layering the colours to fill in the gaps and create original colours.

There is a wide range of abilities in the class. Every piece of art has its own special qualities.

Adding the colour

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