Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Shape Alligators K7

5 year olds
There were two parts to todays art day.
Firstly, after observational drawing, the children covered a page with geometric shapes. I provided little plastic shapes for them to draw around. They were able to give the shapes names.

I gave them a piece of paper, on which they drew around a large rectangle. Then they drew all the shapes they needed to turn their rectangle into an alligator. Some of the examples are highly skilled. They added colour with oil pastels.

The children made collage colour wheels during the second part of the day.

They were shown my colour wheel and we had a discussion about the importance of the correct order. I drew the circle and divided it into six. I asked them to collage one of the colours into a segment.

From there, they were on their own. They had to work out where the other colours went. There were a few errors, but on the whole they did a great job.

They named their work by cutting out letters that spelt their names.

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