Monday, 3 August 2015

Weavings on Easels M10

7 year olds

I have taken several weaving lessons in the past. Today was one of the more successful days. 
I took things slowly and gave children options once they had completed the weaving part of their art.  This allowed the more challenged kids more time to complete their weaving.

They measured up and cut their weaving card. 
They wrapped the warp threads around the card. 
They made little cardboard needles which I punched a hole in. 
They wove the weft threads with the help of their needles and only a few got muddled. 
The biggest issue was when they pulled the threads too tightly. 

They made a little easel to put their work on, which they could also decorate with markers.

I showed the children how to make little tassels which a few children had time to attempt.
 They also had a chance to include feathers.

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