Thursday, 13 August 2015

Runners Shadows K8

Observational drawing warm up.

Tracing around the runner to make his shadow.

5 year olds.
The children could tell me a lot about shadows when they came into the art room ,as they have been studying it in their class.

The children had recently taken part in the cross country. They made a drawing of themselves running. We modelled what a runner does with their hands and legs. This is difficult for little guys.

They cut out their runner, another challenge!

They drew around it on black paper to make the shadow and cut that out too. 

The long backgrounds are crayon. I folded the page lengthwise, exposing only the top half. They drew what they saw as they ran by. Then I tipped the paper over and they coloured the road.

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  1. I always enjoy seeing what creative adventures you are up to with your students! :)



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