Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Animal paper. M12

7-8 year olds
The children are focusing on a specific animal each, in their own classroom. I asked them to bring any reference material they had because they would be making art about their animal. The animals ranged from guinea pigs to sharks.

 The children drew their animal a few times to come up with an image that was identifiable as a silhouette. They drew it on card and cut out their animal stencil. They used the stencil to create a piece of wrapping paper by repeating their image across their page.

But that's not all.
They drew a third of their animal on the first third of a folded page. I collected them up and passed them out so everyone got a different page. This continued twice more until the crazy new animal was completed. The last person on each page drew a marker line around the animal. If we had more time, we would have created a new name for them.

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