Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Koru's R7

 5 year olds.

We spent the day making koru's out of a variety of mediums.

We had a discussion about where the koru comes from and why it is important in Maori art. 

The children filled a page with koru shapes. I encouraged and demonstrated how to draw a solid shape that could be cut out or coloured.

 They drew a koru shape on card and cut it out.
It was very tricky to cut out a spiral.

They traced around it repeatedly to create a pattern.

They also drew the koru using white crayon on black paper.

They painted koru's that they had drawn in crayon. 

They drew a large koru and filled it in using torn pages from magazines. 

When the children had completed an activity, but were waiting on others, they could add koru's to a large sheet of paper using a variety of drawing tools.. 

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