Friday, 31 July 2015

Chameleon's Camouflaged M13

Creating the green foliage background.

Drawing the chameleon on pastel paper in pen.

Using a cotton bud to blend the oil pastel

Initial sketch of a chameleon.

Attaching a branch and naming in gold pen.

8 year olds.
The class has started a study on animals and how they adapt to their environments.
I chose chameleons and showed the children an amazing You Tube. 

The children created their green environment using magazine photos which they covered the page with. I suggested a few bright spots such as flowers that would add contrast. 

After making an observational drawing a chameleon using photos as reference, they repeated the drawing using pen on pastel paper, The chameleon was coloured using oil pastels which were blended using cotton buds. It worked very well. I though we might need to dip the buds in oil first, but there is enough oil in the pastel, to move around.

If the chameleon was to be near a bright colour, they changed the skin colour appropriately.

The children tried using sticks they found outside, to sit the chameleon on, but they were too hard to stick on so we used cardboard.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Picasso inspired art. R7

Our Picasso motivation. Still Life with Mandolin 1924.
6 year olds.
These children have done a terrific job today. 
The children used a selection of papers to make their collage background. I asked them to choose one colour for their work. They thoroughly enjoyed this part of the day. 

They drew a ukelele. They drew it a second time using charcoal on a large sheet of pastel paper. They cut the ukelele out and stuck it on black paper and cut it out again to give it a black border.

They assembled their picture. 

The initial sketches.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Koru's R7

 5 year olds.

We spent the day making koru's out of a variety of mediums.

We had a discussion about where the koru comes from and why it is important in Maori art. 

The children filled a page with koru shapes. I encouraged and demonstrated how to draw a solid shape that could be cut out or coloured.

 They drew a koru shape on card and cut it out.
It was very tricky to cut out a spiral.

They traced around it repeatedly to create a pattern.

They also drew the koru using white crayon on black paper.

They painted koru's that they had drawn in crayon. 

They drew a large koru and filled it in using torn pages from magazines. 

When the children had completed an activity, but were waiting on others, they could add koru's to a large sheet of paper using a variety of drawing tools.. 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Song titles V5

 8 and 9 year olds.

I have been on a road trip for three weeks around the south western corner of USA. We rented a soft top mustang but when we took the top down in 93 degrees Fahrenheit heat,  we cooked. Air conditioning was the better option.

In the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, the education room had examples of children's prints which had their idea of song titles written. So this was the motivation for todays print making lesson.

The most difficult thing for the children to deal with was gluing down the letters in reverse. I asked them to show me before they applied the glue, but even then a few letters were messed up. I stepped back a bit when it came to the printing process. I demonstrated twice and supported those that looked confused. They rolled on the ink, refreshed the ink boards, put on the paper and rolled the back with a clean roller. It's a hard thing to step back when there is printing ink, heaps of kids and a small space. 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Art Programme: An interview.

I have asked a few of our older students how they feel about our art programme. These children have been to approximately 40 art days with me over the past 5 years.

This is an unedited conversation.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Kite Making M10

Today the 7 year olds had some crucial instructions to listen to. Fold here, cut on the diagonal, reinforce the corner. etc. I gave the children old donated posters to make their kites out of. The paper was heavy and may withstand a few attempts at flight out in Wellington's wind.
I gave them demonstrations about how to make both of the simple kites. But no matter how many times I showed some children, they didn't grasp the details until they did it themselves, and only then did they understand what they'd missed.
Several 'old posters' ended up in the recycling, but all the children finished two kites.

 The little kite which we hung in the classroom.

 The bigger kite which the children have taken home and hopefully try flying.


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