Monday, 15 June 2015

Shared Monsters V3

9 and 10 year olds

Back in February, one of our year one classes drew monsters on their art day. monster-day.html
Before they added colour to their drawing of a monster, I stole their art and copied each one. I don't think they realised I had done this. This afternoon I sent them photos of their art that had been coloured in by the 'Big Kids". I will find out what they think of them later. I am hoping they will be excited.

I asked the 'Big Kids" to choose a monster, then use blending, graduating and interesting colour choices when they coloured their acquired monster.

The second part of the day was focusing on the same application techniques, but this time with chalk. I asked them to put more focus on the choice of colour combinations they used. We reviewed complimentary, analogous and triad colours.

They made a large star on coloured paper to colour with chalk. The idea comes from /Create-a-Geometry-Star-712256 Photos later as they added black PVA to the lines which are still precariously wet.

16 June.
Star photos as promised.

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