Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Dream Pets K5

Leaf rubbings in layers.
Placing the leaf under the page for rubbing.

Drawing their dream pet.
Adding dye to the background.

5 year olds.

I read the children a story about a child wanting a pet. They decided which pet they wanted, if all boundaries were removed. They decided toucans, parrots, rhinos, porcupines, turtles and cheaters were all great ideas. 

They began by making a background of leaf rubbings, covered in dye.

While this dried they drew their dream pet with markers and applied colour with layers of coloured pencil. They cut them out. Then traced around their pet, onto black paper, which they also cut out. This is the shadow.

It was tricky explaining where to place the shadow in relation to the pet. I didn't want to do it for them. I demonstrated and left them to it. 

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