Monday, 22 June 2015

Animals behind bars K6

Animal skins ready to be turned into animals.


 5 year olds.

The children have been to the zoo recently and are continuing with their study of animals.
I chose an animal skin focus.
A class of children who are the same age, completed a similar lesson animal-skins-k5.html

Today the children made the colours they needed to paint a giraffe, tiger or zebra skin, using primary colours plus black and white. We stuck to these three animals because their skin is very identifiable.

While it was drying, the children made the enclosure with wax crayons. We had a long discussion about what is between the sky and the land.

We talked about the parts they would need to make the animal. Body, neck, head, four legs, tail and ears. Each was cut out separately and assembled on the enclosure picture. The bars of the enclosure are wool stuck on with PVA.

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