Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Roman Tiles M11

7 year olds
To begin the day the children made an observational drawing of a simple seashell. When they had finished, I surprised them by asking them to draw it again using their non drawing hand.  They were very careful and tried hard to control their hand. They did a great job. I think it helped that they had  already done a lot of looking at their subject.                  

The children have been looking at Roman culture. We discussed the tile patterns the Romans used widely. We compared them with the tiles we have in our own bathrooms etc. 

Their challenge for the day was to make a tiled image of a Roman boat. I gave them an adhesive page each which they cut up to make their tiles. I encouraged gaps between each tile which they recognised as the space for grout.

An example of  Roman tiling.

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  1. The kids are doing visual maths :)



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