Wednesday, 6 May 2015

King Tut M12

A child's name in hieroglyphics

8 year olds.

The class is looking into ancient civilisations. They have touched on King Tutankhamen and I built this lesson around their knowledge.

The background is their name in hieroglyphics. They practised a little first. They were challenged and enthusiastic about it. They drew it in white wax crayon and dyed it.

King Tut is scratched into black paint on wax crayon. They did an excellent job. They were very focused on the detail they saw in a photo of King Tut.


  1. Excellent work! The kids created some beautiful striking work. Some art auction prospects? :)

  2. Love it Gretch!! Am going to do this next week with my class! Do you paint the black paint on yellow or black crayon?? Xx

    1. Hi Caitlin, I miss you. Cover a white page with yellow pastel or wax crayon, followed by black paint with a bit of dishwashing liquid so it doesn't flake. These were cut out after the scratching then mounted on yellow. They are very cool.



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