Thursday, 21 May 2015

Camouflaged Tigers R8

6 year olds.
Another calm, productive day. The children have been to the zoo recently. Hence the subject.
They drew tigers in pencil, using photographs for inspiration. 
They drew the tiger larger, in black and white crayon. 
They cut it out beautifully. I was impressed with their skill.
They added orange dye.

 They ripped long strips from magazines, that resembled jungle colours. They stuck them onto a large piece of paper to resemble long grass. We talked about camouflage. They put their tiger on the grass, then added a few blades in front of the tiger.

The final touch was to add little insects that they would find in the grass. I gave them little white pieces of paper that were sticky, to draw their bugs on.


  1. Oh wow, these are fantastic! Great job. Pinning :)

    1. Thanks Hope. It was an enjoyable day. Great results.



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