Saturday, 18 April 2015

Samantha Bryan's class

A week at the Fibre Arts Conference in Whanganui. See previous post for details about the conference.
High five for the fabulous organisation. 
Thanks Julz and Trisha.

I took Samantha Bryan's class for the week and created my own figures. She is a wonderfully gentle, thorough, talented tutor. Take a look at this You Tube of her at work.

Her accent was enough to hook me.

Samantha began the week by asking us to make 50 heads out of air dry clay. That was a little daunting. The reason for so many was a way for us to develop our own style and characters.

My heads turned into nanas. Knitting nanas. Knitting nanas at a risque call centre.
It was an intense week but very motivating and I love my result.

The armature 



  1. love your story - of the knitting nannas at a risque call centre!

  2. I love these, such fun! I did a class with Samantha last year what a lovely and talented lady, but you are inspired

  3. Fabulous! Love your knitting nanas. Love Samantha Bryan.



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