Thursday, 30 April 2015

Halfway Down the Stairs. K6

Our model 'sitting on the stair'.

Painting the carpet design

Folding the carpet into stairs.

5 year olds. 
I read the poem "Halfway Down the Stairs", by A.A. Milne. I also showed them the You Tube of Kermits nephew, Robin, singing the poem.

They drew a classmate, who was sitting in front of them. They repeated their drawing using marker pen then Jovi crayons. They cut their little person out.

They made a long carpet design using pen and water colour paint. I tried to encourage the carpet shape to be narrower at the top. Some kids understood this idea, that the stairs look smaller at the top.

They cut out the stairs and folded them, concetina style. They assembled their art themselves, using glue sticks. I gave them a printed version of the poem to attach and they stuck their initial drawing on the back.

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