Friday, 6 March 2015

The Tale of the ANZAC Tortoise. V3

9 and 10 year olds.

I have been asked to create a mural with children, 1 metre square, illustrating part of a story, by
The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. They are having a special exhibition for ANZAC's centenary.
The story is about a 100 year old tortoise that was brought back to NZ after Gallipoli. Our portion of the story...… 

Written by Shona Riddell
Illustrated by Matt Gauldie, official Defence Force Artist.
The author’s great-great aunt was the nurse in this story.

...THUD! They landed on a beach, with the sound of pounding waves filling their ears and warm stones under their feet. The sky was pink and orange from the early morning sun, with a smoky glow that spread across everything. Matthew turned to Marama in a daze. “What... where are we?” he asked, but she looked puzzled too.
To their left the sea was a churning mass of foam, tossing around long wooden boats carrying hundreds of young men. With heavy packs on their backs and gripping rifles, the men leapt from the boats into the water and sprinted up the beach towards steep, jagged cliffs that looked like teeth. BANG! BANG! Bullets rained from above, and many soldiers lay face-down in the water or on the ground. All around them was booming, and yelling, and the hammering of gunfire. “Keep moving! Get off the beach!” shouted a passing soldier. “Come on, let’s get over to the cliffs!” yelled Marama, pulling Matthew by the hand.

The other pages are being made by other schools.

The planning process, deciding on the layout.

 Action in six groups, creating the different components to be applied to the canvas.

The sky??

The cliffs??

The beach??
To be continued.

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