Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mac's Bike K5

5 year olds
Drawing the bike

Chalking a bike.

Even a bit of down time today.
 Carbon paper drawings.

I find it hard to believe that this art has been done by 5 year olds. But it's true, I was there! I think there would be a few adults out there who would struggle to make such appealing images.

  1. Observational drawings of Mac's bike with black wax crayons.
  2. Black ink and stick drawings of the bike.
  3. Chalk on pastel paper drawings of Mac's bike and a rider.
  4. A bit of down, markers and stamps, mobilo and picture books.
  5. Carbon paper drawings of Mac's bike.
  6. Murals using a reduced photocopy of the original bike drawing and a crayon road scene.

A mural to finish

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