Friday, 20 March 2015


The children's choice.

The memorial in our playground.

Observations of the bell tower

How the children feel about WW1.

The making of the mural.

Poppy fields completed.

Soldiers faces on the roof tiles
The bell tower near completion
7 and 8 year olds

The children began their work about ANZAC last art day. /anzac-poppies.html

They made an observational drawing of our school memorial, the bell tower. It stands in our playground and is dedicated to the soldiers who fought in WW1 and 2. They voted for the best drawing. Annabel's drawing was chosen to be turned into a mural, using collage.

The children worked so well, completing their poppy field pages, which were started last art day.
They also made larger individual poppies in pairs.
I asked the children to write something they know about the first world war and to comment on how they felt about that.

All of these images are going to make up our contribution to a display in the community as part of our Gallipoli Centennial in April.

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