Thursday, 26 March 2015

Anzac "Facts' Posters V3

Fact 1. 1/3 of soldiers died of the Spanish flu.
Fact 2. The last surviving ANZAC was Alec Campbell.

Fact 1. 500,000 pigeons were message carriers in WW1
Fact 2. 40,000 km of trenches were dug in WW1

Fact 1. 1000s of soldiers suffered from horrors of trench warfare.
Fact 2. WW1 was the first time chemicals were used in warfare.

Fact 1. Horses are flight animals, but they were still taken to war.
Fact 2. 20,000 horses were taken to WW1 but only Bess returned.

Fact 1. Anzac biscuits were made for the troops because they lasted well.

Fact 1.  It is 100 years since NZ became involved in the First World War.
Fact 2. 
The 100th anniversary will be commemorated with an ANZAC Day long weekend in NZ and many other events around the world including air shows, art awards, marathons, exhibitions, parades and much more.

9 and 10 year olds.
The children were left to their own devices, in teams of 5 to create posters which illustrated two facts about WW1. I asked for a limited palette and that was about as far as my interfering went. It is hard to see the detail and messages that are being presented, but they will be well received in our hall on remembrance day.

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