Friday, 20 February 2015

Zebras and Insects K4


Insect garden
5 year olds.

The children had two art projects today, both involving watercolour paint.

The children filled a page with a stripe pattern, using watercolour paint. They turned them over once they were dry and drew the different parts of the zebra on the back. Body, head, neck, legs, tail and ears. They cut them out and assembled them on black paper. Both of todays lovely ideas I found on

While the stripes were drying, the children used insect photos to draw their own insect in a circle. They used biros. They added plants around their insects. They used coloured pencil to add colour to the plants and insects and filled the background in with water colour paint.

The children had been on a picnic to the beach the previous day. They were very tired. I hadn't appreciated this until three pots of water had been spilt and noticed that their listening skills were less than perfect. But I think they did remarkably well.

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