Thursday, 26 February 2015

Koru R8

Kawhaiwhai Panels
Koru Stencils

Koru exploration

Koru patterns.

6 year olds.
The children have been focussing on Maori legends and the koru symbol used by Maori in their class. A great place for me to start.

We discussed the origin of the koru and what they knew about it. Of course the Air NZ symbol came up.
I asked the children to fill a page with korus that were solid. A shape that could be cut out or coloured. Difficult to do to a line. Their aim was to draw one that they could cut out of card and use as a stencil.

The stencil was used to make kawhaiwhai panels out of coloured card. This in simple terms is a strip of pattern used to decorate Maori meeting houses. I restricted the colours to traditional red, black and white. I suggested they might want to mix it up a bit by trading some of their cut out korus with other children. That was not popular!
They went on to make a second kawhaiwhai panel using paint.

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