Thursday, 11 December 2014

Those Kings Again. K2

New Entrants

I will write a little about the day in the morning. It was lovely.

I was out at a Christmas 'do' last night and was asked what I do as a job. The women I was talking to had a desire to make art of some sort, but they felt inadequate. It stemmed from being asked to draw something or paint something at school and subsequent art classes through their lives and feeling it was all too daunting.

This is something I think can be avoided if a lesson is scaffolded. Rather than asking the children to draw the three kings yesterday, they practiced making repeating patterns on scrap paper (ready to include their designs on the kings robes), then a discussion about the heights of the kings, followed by where their feet should be on the page. Armed with these focusses, the children enthusiastically launch into their art.

The same goes for the observational drawing I ask children to do at the beginning of every art day. A mostly monotoned object will be at their desk when they walk in, in the morning. We talk about a focus such as detail or varying line (whispering lines, shouting lines, snail lines). We also quickly go over the other things they have focussed on during past sessions such as tones, proportion, size of their drawing etc. With these thoughts and me drumming into them that they only draw what they see, they draw enthusiastically. 

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