Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Three Wise Men K6

6 year olds.

I don't always feel completely comfortable focusing on Christmas as we have so many different religions represented in our school. I can justify my actions though, as we have a national holiday for Christmas and it is seen as part of our culture.
I asked how many of the children had or will have a Christmas tree at home. Two said they wouldn't but that was because they were going to be away.
So it was the story of the Three Wise Men today.

We had a discussion and physical example of what a pattern was. I lined a few of the children up and asked the others why I had chosen them. It was because they were wearing red tops and blue tops alternately. Thank goodness we don't have uniforms.
They grasped the idea that a pattern repeats.

They drew lines on a practice piece of paper and drew patterns along them until the page was full.
They drew the three kings, all standing at the bottom of the A3 page, using black wax crayon. We talked about the chance of all being the same size. As that was unlikely, they varied their heights.
They put lines across the kings robes and filled them in with rich, luscious patterns.
They took a white crayon and drew stars and moons in the background.
They covered the background in one colour.
They coloured the kings in with colours they chose.

The backgrounds disappointed us, as the white crayon didn't show up very well. Dye would have been a better choice, but it is a bit messier.

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