Friday, 19 December 2014

Arty Christmas Gifts

I love the idea of receiving a gift that allows me to try something new. Cookery books are good that way, although they have been coming thick and fast recently and I'm struggling to keep up.

Children are probably the easiest people to buy for. Think about it...Dads? husbands? brothers? way too hard.

There are kids that are oozing with the need to be artistic. The perfect candidate for an art gift. One they can create, explore and experience something new with.

Top of my list is air dry clay. 

You wont need a lot. It is easy to work with. It's not messy like regular clay. It can be pressed onto a relief like a linocut or any bumpy surface. It can be moulded into a shape. It can be painted then maybe sprayed with clear polyurethane.

Coloured paper and PVA.
These cut out nolans are as easy or difficult as the artist wants to make them. There are lots of ideas online and only require coloured paper and glue.

Clear plastic and paint.
Plastic can be purchased at a garden centre by the metre.
It is great for kids to paint on and can also be drawn on
with wax crayons.

Match sticks and hot glue.
This will depend on the age of the child as hot glue guns are surprisingly hot. The children had hours of fun with a stack of sticks and a hot glue gun in the classroom. Both can probably be bought from $2 shops or the equivalent.

Include a block of wood
as a base as it helps to
contain the exploration.

Wire and driftwood.
Imaginations will go crazy with these two things. If
you add paint, even better. When we made beetles in the classroom, I drilled holes trough the driftwood at random intervals so the kids wouldn't get frustrated.

Scratch boards
These can be purchased from art shops. The affect is stunning. We made our own at school
which is a little bit messier, but still possible at home with oil pastels for the base and black acrylic paint over the top. I add a little dish washing detergent to the paint to stop it from flaking when it is being scratched into.

Happy shopping.

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