Monday, 24 November 2014

Personalised Playing Cards V2

9 and 10 year olds.
This was a full on day. We had four extra children, who are on a sports trip tomorrow so joined this class for art today. It tipped the balance slightly. 30 children in my small room and most of them are as tall as me!
They made a playing card in their image, literally. They took a selfie, or their neighbours took one of them, using the iPad. I printed off two copies each.
They had the challenge of making their design the same from both ends, just like the real thing. They had classical cards as a starting point.
The backs were also designed with patterns.


  1. Hi! I mentioned your blog in my Liebster Award list.
    Read more:
    See you soon! Elisa

  2. Great project! It's a great way to also teach about symmetry! It's an original way to use the "selfie". Your students have been very creative! I will be sharing this on FB and Twitter!

  3. Thank you Joelle. I love the sharing.



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