Thursday, 20 November 2014

Kandinsky Skies K5

5 and 6 year olds

What a lovely day. I think working with the tissue paper was almost therapeutic. I was very impressed with the classes ability to sustain a focus for such a long time to achieve these beautiful images.

I found the idea on A very clear set of instructions. Many thanks. In contrast to these instructions, the children did all their own cutting. We found a collection of different sized round things to trace around. Their newspaper city, they cut out of only the black and white parts of the paper.

My friend, also a teacher, found an excellent 'tidy up' song online. Tidy Up Rhumba I played it to the children earlier in the day, so they could listen to the words which are fun. The tidy up time was effective which is upper most and the children enjoyed it.

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  1. You did a wonderful job with my class Gretchen....beautiful artwork as always. I'm impressed with how their skills have developed over the year. They LOVE the tidy up song and we use it now in our class! They especially like saying the RUMBA! part.... K5 were amazing at tidying up before but this song has taken clean up time to another level! I look forward to see what they do next week in our last art session for the year.

    From Amy B



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